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Delta Residential Package #1 - PR1
Voltage Rating: 0-300 volts Single Phase
Package Includes LA302R CA302R & TA304 Total: $51.95 + $69.95 + $53.95= $175.85 With Package Discount You Save $17.59

Save 10% when you buy the above package of the recommended products verses buying them individually. Delta Surge Protectors come in three main types: Lightning Arrestors, Surge Capacitors, and Data Line Protectors. Used in combination, these units will provide your home or business with a comprehensive protection scheme against damaging electrical surges.

Delta Lightning Arrestor - LA302R
Voltage Rating: 0-300 volts
Measurements: 2-1/4" High, 2-1/4" Diameter
3 wire single phase. 60,000 amps maximum current 2,000 joules per pole Unlimited number of surges. No leak current at double the rated voltage. PVC case material.

Delta Surge Capacitor - CA302R
Voltage Rating: 0-300 volts
Measurements: 4-1/2" High, 2-1-4" Diameter,
This unit is designed for light duty service such as single phase commercial and residential service entrance panels.

Delta Data Line Circuit Protectors - TA304
Measurements: 1.9" X 1.6"
Two pair, data line circuit protector w/separate ground. Helps prevent surge damage to audio pairs, data lines, modems, local area networks, computers, fax machines, alarm systems, and telephones. Weatherproof Enclosure

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